Featured on BioCentury This Week - 6/22/2014

The Celebrity of Fear:
Dr. Paul Offit, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says celebrity fear-mongering has helped persuade tens of thousands of American to forgo vaccination…

BioCentury 06.22.14 - [1] The Celebrity of Fear

Dr. Google
As society increasingly goes online for health information, Offit says it’s important to separate truth from fiction. His effort is to make parents aware of real risks with non-vaccination.

BioCentury 06.22.14 - [2] Dr. Google

Herd Immunity
Dr. Paul Offit breaks down heard immunity: “Now if measles comes into the community, it’s much more possible to get to me because I’m not surrounded by people who are vaccinated.”

BioCentury 06.22.14 - [3] Herd Immunity

Secular Religion
Offit says in spite of scientific data supporting vaccination, some choose to ignore it. “The data are published again and again again, yet people ignore it because it’s handled in some ways like a secular religion.”

BioCentury 06.22.14 - [4] Secular Religion