“Enlightening . . . ‘Science is under siege,’ Offit states, but ‘science advocates are fighting back,’ and his own book provides a sterling example of this stand in the name of empirical truth.” —Publishers Weekly

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Science doesn’t speak for itself. Neck-deep in work that can be messy and confounding, and naive in the ways of public communication, scientists are often unable to package their insights into the neat narratives that the public requires. Enter the celebrities, the advocates, the lobbyists, and the funders behind them, who take advantage of scientists’ reluctance to provide easy answers, flooding the media with misleading or incorrect claims about health risks. Amid this onslaught of spurious information, Americans are more confused than ever about what’s good for them and what isn’t.

In Bad Advice, Paul A. Offit shares hard-earned wisdom on the do’s and don’ts of battling misinformation. For the past twenty years, Offit has been on the front lines in the fight for sound science and public health. Stepping into the media spotlight as few scientists have done–such as being one of the first to speak out against conspiracy theories linking vaccines to autism–he found himself in the crosshairs of powerful groups intent on promoting pseudoscience. Offit discusses science and its adversaries: not just the manias stoked by slick charlatans and their miracle cures but also corrosive, dangerous ideologies such as Holocaust and climate-change denial. Written with wit and passion, Offit’s often humorous guide to taking on quack experts and self-appointed activists is a must-read for any American disturbed by the recent uptick in politicized attacks on science.

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Reviews of Bad Advice

"While Bad Advice is a quick read, its goal is weighty: to defend science as a vital beacon in the public sphere. Offit lays a compelling — and sometimes disturbing — foundation for why we need to protect its honor, and he calls for scientists to “become an army of science advocates out to educate the country. Because science is losing its rightful status as a source of truth, now is the time.”

- Washington Post

Bad Advice by Dr. Paul Offit offers smart, well-researched, and eye-opening answers, showing how “expert” advice can become misleading and how ideas unsupported by evidence can become widespread beliefs. . . . Writing is clear and brisk throughout, lightened by a friendly tone and occasional wry humor. . . . Dr. Paul Offit’s Bad Advice is a well-presented, knowledgeable, and surprisingly engaging look at the pitfalls of the information age.”

- Susan Waggoner, ForeWord Reviews